Telephone coaching is an effective method for you to learn about the Law of Attraction. You can learn from the comfort of your home or office -- anywhere in the world. You learn by using tools and exercises that will enhance your understanding and allow immediate use of the Law of Attraction. 
Learning and experiencing the Law of Attraction is a process. To ensure that you receive as much value as possible during this process, I ask that you make a commitment for us to work together for three hours in a one month-period. Before and after each pre-scheduled call, you may be given assignments and revealing exercises that will add to the speed at which you learn and apply the Law of Attraction in your life. The telephone call is made from your telephone to my office -- a call to Canada. I have an excellent phone rate, therefore, we can arrange to have me pay for the call. Want to 'check me out', join one of my free Law of Attraction TeleClasses and have a direct experience.

Package 1

Telephone coaching:

six 1/2 hour phone sessions

Monthly - Free Law of Attraction Booster TeleClass

1-hour month

FREE Monthly Ezine Subscription


Requirement: Free Law of Attraction Introductory TeleClass



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